Korea Still Can’t Get Over EXO’s Gayo Daejeon “Love Shot” Performance

We can’t get over it either!

Although there were many fantastic performances by BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK and many more at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018: The Wave, there’s one particular performance that absolutely no one can seem to get over and that’s EXO‘s “Love Shot” performance.


While the group stunned with three very special performances…


The one that has really captured everyone’s hearts is their “Love Shot” performance as part of the show’s finale.


What started off with an incredibly sexy dance from Kai


Led into an all-around jaw-dropping performance by the entire group!


Within the first few hours after the performance, EXO, Kai, and “Love Shot” became trending topics worldwide.


While EXO and Kai are no longer trending at the top of the charts, “Love Shot” still is!


Although the performance happened on December 25, South Koreans are still talking about it and have kept it trending. It’s been consistently at number two or number one in the country since the performance!


And the performance is also still trending in a number of other countries as well!


It just goes to show that EXO truly are kings!


And just in case you missed it (or want to watch it again), here’s the performance that has had such a lasting impact!