Golden Child’s Jaehyun Revealed How EXO Inspired Him To Follow His Dreams

EXO inspired Jaehyun in a big way.

Golden Child‘s Jaehyun recently revealed just how much EXO means to him and how they have influenced his life.


Jaehyun is well-known in the EXO-L community for being an EXO-L himself! In the past, he’s expressed his love his sunbaes in a number of ways including talking about them and busting out their dance moves!


He loves them so much that when he got the opportunity to meet EXO, he couldn’t stop talking about it or showing everyone his picture with Baekhyun!


While it’s always been evident that Jaehyun is a huge fan of EXO, in a recent interview for Arena Homme Plus magazine, he revealed just how much EXO has had an impact on his life.


In his first ever solo shoot for the magazine, Jaehyun talked about his love of photoshoots, Golden Child’s debut, and much more. But another topic that came up with his love for EXO and Jaehyun proved he really does love the group! Calling himself a devoted fan, he revealed how EXO had influenced his career.

“When I was in middle school, I saw EXO sunbaenims performing ‘Growl’. It was their amazing performance that led me down the path of becoming a singer.”

— Jaehyun


The magazine featuring Jaehyun will be out in March and fans can’t wait to see what else the idol revealed during the interview session.

Source: Sports Donga


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