SM Edited The Members’ Most Unexpected Body Part In EXO’s Music Video Teaser

Why would they do this?! 😂

It’s been over eight years since EXO‘s “Growl” became a hit, and it remains a fan-favorite among EXO-Ls to this day. However, no matter how many times you’ve watched the music videos, you may still have missed this hilariously unexpected change SM Entertainment edited onto Sehun and Baekhyun in the teaser.

Back in 2013, EXO stans were blessed with not one, but two versions of the “Growl (Korean Ver.)” music video. One featured the members in edgy school uniforms.


The second, released around a month later, had a more mature feel.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

To this day, the members’ close-ups in the second version of the music video are legendary!

EXO’s Baekhyun and Sehun | SMTOWN/YouTube 

However, if you look closely, you may notice that something is slightly different about the close-ups in the music video’s teaser… Have you ever spotted it? If not, take a peek at Baekhyun’s underarms in the music video. Here, you can see a small bush of hair in his armpits—typical for a young man of his age.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

But in the music video teaser, it’s been edited out!

| SMTOWN/YouTube

The same goes for Sehun’s close-ups. Here, you can see his armpit hair.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Yet it’s miraculously gone in the music video teaser.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Eight years after the teaser’s release, one Korean fan on YouTube finally spotted his differences, uploading a comparison video titled, “What kind of company removes armpit hair via CGI?”

In the video’s comments, EXO-Ls couldn’t stop laughing, astounded by SM Entertainment bothering to edit out something as innocuous as armpit hair. Many remarked that the editor deserved a raise for their meticulous hair removal, especially given that CGI wasn’t as advanced back then, while others were confused about why they edited it out of the teaser at all.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Others rightly pointed out that it would’ve been far cheaper for the members to wax or shave, but most commenters were simply amused by the whole scenario. Do you think the edited version looks better, or do you prefer your EXO members au naturale?