Netizens Are Shocked To See What Happened When EXO’s “Growl” Was First Released

Just in case you needed further proof that EXO are kings!

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over 5 years since EXO released “Growl” but it has! “Growl” is one of EXO’s most iconic songs and helped to further rocket them into fame. While “Growl” has firmly found a place in every EXO-Ls hearts and will forever be on repeat, netizens are still shocked to see just how popular “Growl” was, is, and forever will be!


At the time the song was released in 2013, it quickly dominated the charts but it’s how everyone else reacted that has netizens so amazed. First, EXO were mentioned on many variety shows.


And you could easily find article after article written up about the group and “Growl”.


Everyone knew the group.


Literally everyone!

“I like EXO nowadays.”

— Jo Bo Ah


Sometimes fans would surprise others by bursting out into song and dance…


And it wasn’t such an uncommon sight to see this in a classroom in South Korea!


Not to mention the fact that EXO-Ls essentially immobilized an entire street during and EXO fansign!


While fans aren’t so likely to whip out their EXO masks like they did when it was first released, “Growl” is still as popular as ever and will always hold a special place in fans’ hearts.