This Idol Is Such A Huge EXO Stan He Once Yelled At His Own Members For Turning Off Their Music

He wasn’t about to let anyone turn off EXO:

EXO have fans all over the world. They’ve won hearts with their music, stage, presence, and personalities and many K-Pop idols have been found to be huge EXO stans too! But there’s probably no one like one famous idol who loves EXO so much he was even willing to yell at his own members!


Since his return from the military, Kwanghee been getting a lot of attention with his variety show appearances and the like so naturally older videos featuring the idol have been resurfacing. Among those, was one that caught the eyes of EXO-L.


In the video, Kwanghee is with the other ZE:A and when EXO’s “Overdose” comes on, Kwanghee gets incredibly excited and starts dancing along.


If that didn’t already show that Kwanghee is an EXO stan, what he did next definitely did! As the song was playing another member asked the song to be turned off and Kwanghee did not stand for it!

“What are you saying? How dare you ask them to turn off EXO’s song!”

— Kwanghee


The cute display of love for EXO has warmed a lot of hearts and proves without a doubt that Kwanghee is a huge EXO stan!


Check out the video below: