EXO’s Kai Broke Down In Tears While Reading Fans’ Heartfelt Letters

He was so touched by their words that he became emotional.

Since fans waited many years for EXO‘s Kai to debut as a solo artist, it was a milestone they were more than excited for. During a live broadcast to celebrate it, Kai became emotional from the heartfelt letters he received from fans.

In the first fan letter, an EXO-L expressed excitement for their eight-year wait for Kai’s solo debut to come to an end and how much Kai brightened their life for the years they grew from a student into a working adult.

After the letter ended with the fan thanking him for his hard work and assuring they’ll stay by his side, Kai was speechless. All he could do was nod as he took in the words, tears beginning to fill his eyes.

A staff member even handed him a tissue to wipe his tears. After Kai gathered himself, he expressed how much he related to the fan. He pointed out how he’d been a high school student at the time of EXO’s debut—similar to the fan—and how thankful he was that they could grow together.

As soon as he read the first two sentences of the next letter, Kai couldn’t hold back the tears knowing how hard the fan had worked just to see him. “I’m in the third year of high school, and the happiest moment was when I saw you on ‘I Live Alone.’ I studied so hard on the previous day to watch that show.

After the fan shared how much listening to Kai’s music motivated them to study well and pass their exams, they even asked for a cheering message. “Please support me on the SAT if you have time.

Even though Kai was bawling his eyes out from their touching letter, he took the time to do as they wished, “Good luck on your SAT.

Despite Kai calling his emotional moment “another ugly history of mine,” it showed just how much he appreciated his fans and why he worked so hard to become the idol he’s become.

Source: Naver Live