EXO Kai and Chanyeol saves Suho from an intruder on stage

EXO recently performed at the 2017 Lotte Family Concert but were bombarded with unwelcome guests on stage.

During the talk session, a ton of bugs flew around their faces and disrupted them from talking with their fans.

When Suho began talking, however, Kai noticed that something was bothering him.

He saw a bug on Suho’s microphone, so Kai tried to brush it off with his own microphone before reeling away in disgust.

Despite his fear of bugs, Kai continued trying to brush off all the bugs setting up shop on Suho’s jacket.

When he struggled, Chanyeol quickly came over to the rescue and successfully got rid of the bug.

Only then did Kai pay attention to himself and notice there were tons of bugs that had settled on him too.

Kai was having none of that, however, as he went to great lengths to avoid all the bugs on stage.

Watch the hilariously adorable clip below!