EXO’s Kai Stayed Up Just To Do A Reaction Video To Chanyeol And Sehun’s “What A Life” MV

Kai’s reaction video is warming everyone’s heart:

From going to Suho‘s musical performance to giving a shoutout to Lay when he releases new music and everything else in between, EXO are 100% ready to hype their fellow members and that’s exactly why Kai just melted everyone’s heart!


Despite the fact that he was probably tired from performing at EXO’s latest EXplOration concert, Kai made sure he stayed up late just to send some love to Chanyeol and Sehun!


At 12:00 A.M KST, their new “What a Life” music video dropped and soon afterward, Kai went live to make a reaction video for them! And from the moment the music started playing, Kai turned into EXO-SC‘s biggest fanboy!


He couldn’t help asking why Sehun was so cool…

Sehunnie, why is your dancing so cool!

— Kai


Or having an absolutely adorable reaction when Chanyeol came on screen!

The song is so exciting! It’s the perfect song to listen to in summer. Whoah! Chanyeol hyung was here just now!

— Kai


And as he finished up the song, he had nothing but praise for it.

You guys have to watch it too! The song is so good! It’s going to hit big! Fighting! Now, I’m going to sleep!

— Kai


After Kai said goodnight to fans and signed off, hearts everywhere were thoroughly melted after Kai’s adorable reaction.


To experience what Kai did, you can listen to “What a Life” below: