EXO’s Kai Just Had A Close Encounter Of The Third Kind And Fans Can’t Stop Smiling

“Jongin talking about seeing a ufo. He’s so cute!”

As every EXO-L knows, each of the EXO members has been taking their well-deserved vacation for a little rest and relaxation and the latest member to head out for his own adventure was Kai.


Fans know that Kai traveled to the Philippines after seeing him at the airport but his latest Instagram posts further prove that it’s his destination. Those same posts also have also proven that Kai has a gift for sensing the supernatural!


Kai’s first post details his experience with a ghost…


His second captures a shooting star…


And the third, a ufo!


Kai’s ufo sighting certainly came as a surprise to the singer who even had a mini-debate with himself in the comments under the post.

“A ufo in the sky I happened to take a picture of. What if it wasn’t? No, that’s 100% a ufo. If you object to it, you’re an alien.”

— Kai


Fans have been having all sorts of reactions to Kai’s supernatural finds, especially his ufo sighting. From creating memes…


To exclaiming over how cute Kai is!


Despite all the reactions, every EXO-L is agreeing that no matter what that light was if Kai says it’s a ufo, it’s a ufo! And the same can be said of the ghost and shooting star too!


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