Kai Is So Lovable A Complete Stranger Decided To Buy EXO’s Album After Meeting Him

Everyone loves Kai!

EXO‘s Kai has stolen many hearts over the years not only because of his amazing skills on stage but also because he’s incredibly sweet and lovable. In fact, he’s so lovable that when a couple of strangers met him for the first time they just had to show him some support.


On the latest episode of Let’s Go Mansuro, Kai once again stole everyone’s heart with his variety sprout cuteness!


But there’s one moment in particular that has been capturing everyone’s attention, thanks to Kai’s adorable interaction with a local.


It all started when Lucky told the other soccer fans waiting around the venue that Kai is a member of EXO. This, in turn, sparked the soccer fans’ curiosity and one of the looked up EXO’s music video!


Suddenly, Kai thanked the fan…


Because after seeing the video and meeting with Kai, they decided to show him support and bought one of EXO’s albums!


The moment has captured fans attention, with many fans exclaiming over how cute and sweet the whole interaction is!


But really, who could resist Kai and EXO!