EXO Kai’s Contact List Is Mostly Just EXO Members, And Here’s Why

“If you see my contacts…”

With all the people EXO‘s Kai has met in his career as an idol, model, and ambassador, you might think the contact list on his phone would be full of dozens of big names, and that is true — except most of the names are actually just his own EXO members!

Kai from EXO and SuperM. | @zkdlin/Instagram

In an interview with ELLE KOREA, Kai revealed some details about his contact list, namely how many people are in it. He explained that over 50% of his contacts are just other EXO members!


The reason half of his contacts are EXO is that Kai doesn’t delete their old numbers. Since EXO debuted almost a full decade ago, and Kai has been close with them for even longer, there must be dozens of old phone numbers saved.


Not only that, but Kai saves the new numbers under different names!

So if I type in D.O.’s name, I have ‘Kyungsoo,’ ‘D.O.‘ — all of them are different. I think I have like four numbers saved for him.

— Kai


Kai revealed some of his names for Sehun too: there’s “Sehun-ie,” “Oh Sehun,” and even “Seoul-ie!”


It’s definitely a testament to just how long Kai and the other EXO members have been close. We can only wonder how he manages to remember which contact is the most recent one! Check out the full video below to hear more from Kai.

Source: ELLE KOREA and Instagram