Here’s Proof That EXO’s Kai Is The Most Dedicated Dancer In The World

He’s always giving his all!

Everyone knows that EXO‘s Kai is a fantastic dancer. Just one looks at his smooth moves proves that!


But Kai is also a very dedicated dancer who wants to make sure that he gets every motion just right!


So when he his punishment for losing the human curling came on I’ll Show You: EXO Arcade was to perform a girl group dance Kai wanted to make it perfect.


With complete confidence from his fellow members that all it would take would be for Kai to watch a video once, he headed off stage to get his practice on.


While the other members on the losing team completed their own punishment, Kai put his all into learning the steps.


Five minutes later and he was ready! After a very cute introduction from Sehun


He busted out the moves to Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”…


And blew everyone away with his spot-on moves! Kai really is the most dedicated dancer out there!