EXO’s Kai Destroyed Fans With Impromptu “Tempo” Performance At A Recent Fan Event

Kai attacked fans with his cute “Tempo” performance:

EXO‘s Kai is an absolute expert when it comes to destroying fans hearts. His smile can leave fans feeling very attacked, his laugh can bring on serious heart palpitations, and his dance moves can leave everyone gasping for breath. When combined together, fans are presented with the deadliest combo of them all and that’s exactly what happened during a recent fan event.


On May 26, Suho, Chen, and Kai attended the Nature Republic press conference and fansign event in Indonesia. While each of them left fans feeling very breathless, when Kai decided to bless fans with an impromptu “Tempo” and “Love Shot” performance absolutely nobody was ready!


It all started when “Tempo” started playing during the fansign event. When it came to the “baby girl” line, Kai suddenly started dancing along with a bright smile on his face and continued right along with “Love Shot”!


Pretty soon, he was body-rolling…




And leaving fans completely K.O.ed by his charms!


EXO-Ls are feeling very overwhelmed by Kai’s sudden performances, especially since it showed Kai’s many charms!


But no matter how much time we could have had to prepare our hearts for this, there’s no doubt that Kai still would have left us feeling very destroyed!