EXO-Ls Take Down Kai’s Trolls And The Whole Internet Celebrates With #7thneoSuspensionParty

They say it’s all because of “Kairma”

After EXO Kai‘s sexy “Love Shot” fan cam went viral, the whole world was talking about the performance. It was then followed by his sexy and legendary Gayo Daejeon performance that trended for weeks and continued to get receive a whole lot of love straight through to the new year. Although there was a whole lot of love for the singer and dancer, it also inspired some trolls.


The haters started posting that the performance was “too sexy,” that it made people feel uncomfortable, and they just generally dragged Kai. Recently, however, EXO-Ls noticed that one of the most outspoken haters has now had their trolling account suspended.


To celebrate, EXO-Ls created a new hashtag, #7thneoSuspensionParty.


And in true EXO-L fashion, the posts were a bit sassy and just plain amazing!


EXO-Ls weren’t the only ones that have come to the party though. Many other fandoms joined in the celebrations…


With their own amazing support for Kai and EXO-Ls!