EXO-Ls Are Begging Kai To Come Back To Instagram

Everyone misses Kai!

Since Kai‘s return to Instagram, EXO-Ls have been happy to share even more experiences with the idol. But Kai may not be completely used to going on Instagram because he’s been a little absent as of late and fans are eagerly awaiting his return.


Fans have recently started using a new hashtag, #WeMissKAI, and it’s quickly taking over the internet! It’s been a long time since Kai last posted to the social media site and, as the hashtag suggests, everyone is missing him!


It’s been so long since Kai has posted that fans are wondering if he’ll surpass his personal best (22 days) and set a new record for longest time between posts!


But in all seriousness, EXO-Ls just want him to come back so they can interact with him again!


We miss seeing Kai too!


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