EXO-Ls Have Dubbed EXO Kai’s Bed Hair The 8th Wonder Of The World

How is he so adorable that early in the morning?

From styled looks to more casual and laid back ones, EXO‘s Kai has always stolen hearts no matter what he’s wearing or what style hairdo he has. But fans have been falling even further in love with Kai after they caught sight of his fresh bedhead!


EXO-Ls first got their first look at Kai’s amazing bedhead on Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder and while they were blown away by his swoop of hair then…


They are even more so now! During the most recent episode of Kai’s new variety show, Let’s Go Mansuro, fans caught many more glimpses of Kai’s adorable bed hair.


And mixed with Kai’s infectious smile, fans are feeling very overwhelmed by his cuteness!


In fact, many EXO-Ls have even put together some video clips highlighting the look.


Seeing so much of his cute morning look, fans have compared the look to everything from anime characters…


To dubbing it the 8th wonder of the world!


But seriously, how can he be this adorable after just getting up!