Fans Have Been Trolling Kai On Instagram And Now Everyone Knows

Naughty fans are doing something weird to Kai’s IG account.

If you’ve been hanging around each of the EXO members’ Instagram accounts, you probably noticed that there’s something really interesting going on with Kai‘s page. When you check the content that was tagged with Kai’s name you get some pretty unique results, especially when you compare them to the other members’ tagged photos like Chanyeol’s.


Instead of posts that include actual pictures of Kai, fans have been tagging him in some rather unique photos.


EXO-Ls have been flooding Kai’s Instagram with hilarious and random-seeming edits like photos of Tweety Kai!


Fans have also been favoring photos featuring anything from real bears to the more cuddly teddy bear variety!


Although these posts seem random at first glance, there is actually a very good reason they are there. He asked EXO-L to tag him with posts that resemble him, even if he got some responses he wasn’t expecting!

“…I asked you to show me resemblance pics… not just playing around amongst yourselves EXO-L!”

— Kai


Kai took the time to write replies on many of the posts, and fans quickly noticed that the idol seemed to be having a lot of fun interacting with fans.

“And what’s with this one?”

— Kai


Not only that, but EXO-Ls also ended up with a big smile on their faces because Kai approved off all their hilarious trolling!

“It was fun ㅋㅋ my tummy hurts.”

— Kai