Kai’s Favorite EXO Concept Will Make You Agree 100%

It might be one of their sexiest 🥵

Stopping by Marie Claire Korea to promote his latest solo song “Peaches”, EXO‘s Kai ended up revealing which of the group’s concepts was his favorite.


During the Pop Quiz segment, the magazine asked Kai his “favorite album concept.” Since he was wearing a pink suit, it reminded him of a past stage outfit.

While Kai thought the pink suit was the perfect balance between sexy and “a little bit sweet,” the suit he wore in the past gave off completely different vibes.

He was thinking of the red suit he wore for “Love Shot”, which showed off his sexy side to the fullest by going shirtless.

Because of how unique it was, Kai couldn’t pick any other concept. He said, “I’ll choose ‘Love Shot’!

From the classic yet sexy suits the members wore to the sexy choreography, it was definitely a concept like no other.

Watch Kai prove he knows exactly what fans like to see from the group.