Here’s The Hairstyle EXO’s Kai Loves But Fans Hate

“And my fans really hate it.”

When looking at some of his most popular fancams, EXO‘s Kai came across a hairstyle that reminded him just how much he loved it—but wasn’t a hit among fans.

Kai | Inkigayo

Watching one of his “The Eve” fancams, Kai called attention to his hairstyle that was short on the sides and long on top. He admitted, “I really like my side hair shaved.” There was one problem, though.

Remembering the feedback from EXO-Ls on that particular look, Kai added, “And my fans really hate it.” That didn’t stop him from loving the style, though.

Since Kai’s hair is much longer now, the hairstyle might return. He joked, “Now my hair has grown a lot. And I will shave it all: my side hair.

Since the fancam has over three million views, there are plenty of fans who enjoyed the look as much as Kai does.

See Kai talked about the hairstyle, along with the full fancam of him rocking it here.