EXO’s Kai Hilariously Shut Down a High School Student’s Comment on Instagram

Kai just tells it like it is.

EXO‘s Kai uploaded two photos of himself on his Instagram account without any caption, but it led to a hilarious comment interaction between him and a high school fan.

The photos show Kai looking naturally handsome with a simple hairstyle and casual outfit.

And when fans began to bombard the photos with questions, Kai took the initiative to answer some of them.

But the comment that stood out the most was written by a senior high school student.

I love you, Jongin. I’m a senior in high school, but I can’t delete my Instagram account because of you. I love you.

— Fan

And Kai just told it like it is in response.

That’s okay. Even if you deleted your account, you’d spend your time doing something else.

— Kai

He then proceeded to post various comments eliciting conversation with his fans.

Being in America reminds me of these times.

The comments here are so over the top.

I want to change my profile picture. I’m taking recommendations.

— Kai

Seriously though. Reread the comments that you posted later, hahahahahaha.

I’ll be back later.

I have 8% battery left. I’ll sleep when my phone dies.

— Kai

It’s clear from all of his comments that Kai just tells it like it is.

And it’s hard not to love him for it.