Fans excited by these images of Kai’s hot and sweaty Golden Disk Awards performance

EXO’s Kai made some fans swoon with his sexy appearance after his performance.

At the 31st Golden Disk Awards, EXO sat down together after performing their hit songs, “For Life” and “Monster“. Kai felt a bit too warm from his performance and proceeded to remove his coat as fans watched him.

When he removed his coat, the fans went wild. This took Kai by surprise as he paused to look at them and smile. He then continued to wipe off his sweat and cool down from his hot performance.

A fan captured the funny moment on video. Check out the video below!

You can also check out the photos from the performance below!

Kai seductively stared at fans with his amazing dance moves.
Kai seductively stared at fans as he performed.
Kai captivated fans with his charasmatic look.
He continues to captivate fans with his charismatic look. 
EXO's Kai
No wonder Kai was sweating so much, he truly gives it his all.
Kai smiled as he patted off his sweat.
EXO's Kai 2
If only everyone could look this handsome sweating.
EXO's Kai 3
Even after taking off his coat, it seems Kai was not able to cool down completely.