EXO’s Kai Is Mesmerizing On Stage, But It’s His Personality That Wins Over The Hearts Of Everyone

Kai’s gaining new fans left and right.

At KPOP.FLEX, EXO‘s Kai was the closing set for both days and proved why he earned the nicknames “Idol of Idols” and “Center of All Centers.” With his renowned stage presence and performances, Kai reminded EXO-Ls of why they love him so much and won over the hearts of non-fans.

While we can all agree that his performances were top-tier, it was his personality that really shone through his every action.

Kai was the perfect example of how being humble and being confident go hand in hand.

And though Kai might have been deadly when performing, the sheer joy he had being with fans was evident through his cute smiles and laughter.


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♬ 음 Mmmh – KAI

His love for the stage was seen even in his interactions with his dancers as he shared a brief smile with Bada Lee before slipping back into performance mode.

Kai’s maturity as an idol and his sweet nature have earned him many praises from non-fans as well.

He’s also gentle with staff no matter where he goes, earning the love of those who might not know K-Pop at all.

Kai is the definition of sweet and sexy, and there’s no doubt that he’s gained many new fans after KPOP.FLEX. And Kai’s not done with Europe yet; his next overseas performance is scheduled in July in London for the Hallyu Pop Fest, alongside fellow EXO member Chen.