Kai’s Love For Chocolate Milk Was On Full Display At EXO’s Concert

“Kai x Choco Milk” might be the best ship ever:

Some idols drink water on stage, some have even taken shots of soju, but when it comes to EXO‘s Kai, he prefers something a little bit sweeter just like him!


Kai recently made a return to Instagram after a long hiatus due to a misplaced password and as he’s been blessing fans with plenty of lives, there’s one thing that each of the lives has included…chocolate milk!


As Kai showed off his love for the chocolaty drink, fans melted over how adorable the combo was!


But Kai didn’t just show his love for the choco milk during his lives! While EXO were bringing the heat on stage during their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concert, Kai was spotted reaching for his drink of choice to help cool down!


That’s right, Kai brought a little box full of his milk to enjoy while performing!


The sight of Kai taking a break while sipping on his milk, brought a whole lot of joy to EXO-Ls who couldn’t get over the fact that he really took milk with him.


And really, who wouldn’t be filled with joy when they saw how much Kai enjoyed his chocolate drink! He’s too cute!