This Is Why EXO Kai’s “Mmmh” Is So Catchy, According To Its Producer

This song is still stuck in our heads!

Is EXO Kai‘s “Mmmh” still stuck in your head? Alawn, the song’s producer, explained why this song is such a catchy bop!

Alawn | @alawnmusic/Instagram

During an interview with ReacttotheK, Alawn explained that the song’s catchy chorus was included in the original demo he received for “Mmmh” and that SM Entertainment must have known the chorus was “so addictive and so simple.” 

| ReacttotheK/YouTube

Alawn said he kept a lot of elements from the original demo, like the main synth sound used in “Mmmh.” However, he replaced the original drums with his own drum sounds to make the song “hit harder.” 

He also added more keyboard sounds to create the final version of “Mmmh” and changed the chords used in the song’s bridge.

Part of what makes “Mmmh” so appealing is Alawn’s belief that a song should evolve as it plays on. For example, he believes there should be subtle differences between the first and second chorus. “I always try to have the song evolve … and always add a new layer,” he said.

Although Alawn put a lot of work into creating the interesting, detailed instrumental for “Mmmh,” he thinks the song’s catchiness all goes back to the simple, addictive chorus!

I think it’s the simplicity of the ‘mmmh mmmh’ part. It gets stuck in your head so quickly that I think it allowed us to have way shorter verses … and go right back into the chorus.

— Alawn

The chorus of “Mmmh” is definitely an earworm that gets stuck in your head right away!

See Alawn’s full interview below.