Mnet Recent Tweets About Kai Are So Thirsty, Fans Are Convinced They Were Hacked

The thirst is definitely real!

With his ultra-sexy dance moves, heart-fluttering visuals, and undeniable stage presence, EXO‘s Kai has the ability to make anyone and everyone feel pretty overwhelmed.


Well, not just overwhelmed. He can also make everyone pretty damn thirsty!


He’s been making fans feel parched for years…


And now, even Mnet has been thirsting for him! A few days ago, Mnet’s official account sent happy birthday wishes to the idol.


Along with a second tweet featuring four stunning photos…


And an incredibly hungry sounding message!

“I think when we film Jonginnie’s full body shot, I think we have to use the panoramic option… It’s really a magnificent sight! A gift from God! Honestly, isn’t Kim Kai’s full body in the heavenly class? I shout again 하카신 오또카 OMK 근카신 (Kai is godly phrases).”

— @Mnet_Chat


EXO-Ls were quick to pick up on their obvious thirst…


And some netizens even thought they may have been hacked!


Whether or not they really were hacked, however, the thirst was all too real! But it’s really not surprising with Kai’s jaw-dropping good looks and heart-stopping dance moves!