EXO’s Kai Couldn’t Handle The Wild Nickname A Fan Gave Him

It was too random not to ask where it came from.

Like all idols, EXO‘s Kai has earned nicknames from fans over the years. While many of them connect to funny or cute moments, one made him burst into laughter from how random it was.

Kai | Inkigayo

For Esquire Korea‘s Zip My Record, Kai looked up his online profile and noticed something that wasn’t quite correct about it. Of the many nicknames listed, there was one that stood out.

Kai spotted one that he’s never heard before and perfectly summed it up by saying someone “wrote this out of personal desire.” He then read what the hilarious nickname had been.

He burst into laughter as he said, “I have never heard the nickname ‘Hot A*s.’ Is that a nickname?

Although Kai is known for his fit body and sexy charms, the nickname was so wild even he had to question it.

At least Kai could laugh at the nickname and create an even funnier moment with fans.