EXO’s Kai Went Into Full “Bear” Mode And It Was Way Too Adorable For Words

He’s living his best bear life!

One of EXO-Ls favorite nicknames for Kai is “Nini Bear.” After all, he is as cute and sweet as a teddy bear. While Kai can turn on his nini bear charms whenever he wants, fans just got a glimpse of Kai in full on bear-mode and it’s way too cute for words!


Kai was recently spotted at the Santiago International airport looking as fabulous as ever in a brown fuzzy sweater that gave off some major “bear” vibes.


But when he turned around fans realized this wasn’t an ordinary sweater, it was literally a teddy bear sweater!


Complete with ears, a simple flip of the hood turned Kai into a legitimate bear. Completely cute and 100% adorable!


And when Kai started dancing in the line, the cuteness continued!


As soon as EXO-Ls first caught sight of Kai in the fuzzy sweater, their hearts were captured and overtaken by their completely loveable nini bear!


But really, how can Kai be this cute!


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