EXO-Ls May Have Found The One Thing That Kai Isn’t Good At

Kai just can’t do it!

EXO‘s Kai is good at a lot of things, singing, dancing, sports, being adorable! There is one thing, however, that fans have noticed Kai has some trouble with and it’s actually incredibly cute!


Every K-Pop fan knows that the game Rock Paper Scissors can effectively end any disagreement, make a number of decisions, and is a lot of fun for idols. While it seems like it would be safe to assume that everyone knows the rules of the game and the 3 choices, but Kai consistently runs into trouble with the game. After all, only Kai played the game by himself!


Even if Kai knows now that playing by himself will only result in lots of memes, many EXO-Ls have noticed that he still occasionally has trouble with the game.


From the very beginning, Kai has always favored one particular gesture which isn’t always good for him!


It doesn’t matter if he plays paper once, the chances are high he’s going to do it again!


And his members might just be aware of it too.


Fans definitely are! Three guesses what Kai chose for his Rock Paper Scissors game with fans…


Yeah, you probably only needed one guess right?


But on occasion, he’ll throw in a surprise…


And sometimes his favorite choice actually turns out to be quite lucky after all!


So even if Kai has a bit of trouble with the game, it’s not always so bad! Plus it’s super cute!