Kai’s Reaction To Losing A Game Is Just So Kai

Only Kai would do this.

EXO-Ls are suiting up for battle against the PD of EXO‘s new reality show for breaking Kai‘s heart.


During a recent episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, fans witnessed EXO having fun knocking each other about in giant inflatable balls, but it turned out not to be all fun and games when the winners were announced. In one game that involved knocking the other members out of a ring, Kai was out of the game almost as soon as it started.


Although Kai was the very first member out of the game, when the PD announced the winner it was none other than Kai!

“Kai-ssi is first place!”

— PD


Kai was beyond excited to win and the other members were more than happy to let Kai enjoy the moment.


— Chen


But it was all a mistake…

“They called the wrong person.”

— Suho to D.O.


And Kai’s excitement came crashing down when the PD’s suddenly announced he wasn’t really the winner, Chanyeol was.

“Sorry. First place really goes to Chanyeol.”

— PD


When they saw just how sad their Nini bear was when he found out the real winner, EXO-Ls hearts were breaking for him.


They even expressed their willingness to fight the PD’s just so Kai can have the trophy back!


But even if Kai lost the game, EXO-Ls love and willingness to fight for him proves he definitely won the hearts of fans.


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