Kai’s Reaction To A Phone Call Proves That Even Idols Get Flustered Sometimes

It really brings the uwu!

EXO‘s Kai is used to receiving a lot of attention. He’s comfortable up on stage performing some of the sexiest dance moves around and he’s no stranger to being surrounded by fans. That doesn’t mean, however, that Kai doesn’t get flustered sometimes too!


Show Champion recently held their 300th episode special and while looking back at some of the outstanding awards for the season, they noticed that EXO had a few standout accomplishments. To celebrate their accomplishments, Shindong and Kim Shin Young decided to call a member of the group.

“Shall we call EXO? With my phone? Shall we do it now?”

— Shindong


The member in question was Kai! It all started when the two introduced themselves and told Kai he was on the show! Immediately, Kai seemed a little shy.

“Ah… yes. Hello!”

— Kai


Although he was already a little shy at first, it was Kim Shin Young’s question that really took him from shy to bashful! First, she explained that EXO ranked no. 1 for the most awarded boy group and then asked him what other award the group had achieved. The question certainly threw Kai off a little!

“Hmmm… I can’t think of anything right now. What could it be?”

— Kai


But shortly after the answer was revealed, they asked him to share some of his favorite Show Champion memories with them and all of Kai’s confidence came back.

“I have so many great moments! They have really taken good care of us ever since our debut until now. And they always make us appear so nice on stage. I’m always thankful for that. Show Champion is a show I will always want to appear on.”

— Kai


Thanking them for giving him a call, Kai then went on to congratulate the show for their amazing achievement!

“Congratulations to Show Champion for 300 episodes. I hope they’ll be able to go up to 1,000 or even 10,000 episodes! I hope it will be a very long-running program.”

— Kai


And although Kim Shin Young tried to throw him off one more time before the call ended…

“Then like what you hoped for, I hope you’ll come on to the 10,000th episode.”

— Kim Shin Young


Her attempts weren’t met with success!


— Kai


But his flustered beginning just proves that sometimes even the most confident idols, can get a little shy too! Check out the adorable moment in the video below.