Here Is The Unexpected Reason Why EXO’s Kai Thinks He Was Able To Succeed In The K-Pop Industry

Did you guess right?

When it comes to becoming a K-Pop trainee, there is no denying that it is a hard experience. The work starts from the second you pass the audition from a strict schedule, high expectations, and lack of freedom.

It was no different for the more experienced groups who have been in the limelight for a long time. One of those people who recently shared what it was like for him as a trainee was EXO‘s Kai.

After taking dance classes and being inspired by the K-Pop group Shinhwa, Kai auditioned for SM Entertainment when he was in 6th grade. In the past, Kai mentioned his father on an episode of Knowing Bros, explaining his father is the reason he is an EXO member now.

Although he was too young to join at the time, Kai finally joined SM Entertainment in 8th grade. It was in 2007, after winning the best dancer and the most popular award in the agency’s 10th SM Best Teen Contest.

Kai recently made a cameo in the online web series Takfather and imparted some of his wisdom and knowledge to the hosts about his path to becoming an idol and some advice for trainees.

During the video, the host asked Kai a very broad question, but it is something that fans want to know, and it was, “How did you succeed?

Some might have thought that hard work, practice, and dedication got him so far to help him debut in EXO, but it seems as if it was something very different.

For me, as soon as I joined SM, I quit SNS (social media). It might come back to haunt me…

— Kai

Nowadays, it seems like almost a given that companies will make you delete your personal social media accounts before debuting. Yet, the fact that Kai did it himself shows just how much knowledge he had even at such a young age.

He also added that the key for any trainee to succeed more generally is personality. There is no denying that Kai has it in bucketloads, which must have been another reason he has managed to become so famous and successful.

Whether it was deleting his social media or not, there would’ve been a lot of reasons contributing to Kai’s success! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: M드로메다 스튜디오