Kai’s Relationship With This Little Girl Proves He’s Husband Material For Jennie

Jennie probably fell in love with him after seeing this.

There’s a lot to love about EXO‘s Kai. He’s got great vocals, is an amazing dancer, has visuals for days, and is incredibly sweet. But there’s one more thing about Kai that has been melting hearts and proving that he is perfect husband material!


Fans who have watched the episode of The Return of Superman with Kai and Chanyeol know that Kai is really good with kids. From the very beginning “Uncle Kai” won over Gunhoo and Naeun while having a whole lot of fun with them.


His sweet interactions with them made many hearts melt…


And everyone was blown away by how well Naeun got along with Kai.


After all, she let him touch her hair and she doesn’t even let her dad do that!


In fact, Nauen’s mom later revealed that she had asked for Kai after the episode was done filming!


Although Kai couldn’t stay to visit with her forever, Naeun recently showed just how deep their adorable relationship is!


During the preview for the upcoming episode of The Return of Superman, Kwanghee was seen visiting Naeun and her brother and asked if Naeun remembered the uncle who visited last time.

“Do you remember the uncle who came to visit you last time?”

— Kwanghee


Naeun immediately answered with, “Uncle Kai,” which lead Kwanghee to ask the question he really wanted to know.

“Is that uncle handsome or am I handsome?”

— Kwanghee


Without hesitation, Naeun declared Kai handsome!

“That uncle!”

— Naeun


Fans have been loving Naeun’s sweet declaration and think it not only shows how amazing Kai is but also that he is 100% perfect husband material!