Kai’s Response To Finding Out His Sunbae Misspelled EXO’s Name Was So Kai

Kai’s reaction to the spelling error was so Kai!

Although EXO‘s name seems simple to spell, it has on occasion tripped some people up. In fact, when one of Kai‘s sunbaes posted about him on Instagram he had a bit of spelling trouble but Kai’s response to the mistake is putting a smile on everyone’s face.


Not too long ago fans found out that Kai would be taking part in a new variety show focusing on soccer called Eulachacha Mansuro. And recently, Kai set off for England along with actor Kim Su Ro and the rest of the cast for shooting on the show!


Ever since the cast landed in England, they’ve been blessing fans with tons of photos individually and together. But it’s one of those photos that ended up with a bit of a spelling error. After taking pictures, Kim Su Ro uploaded the pictures and tagged everyone but when he tagged Kai instead of spelling EXO as 엑소, he spelled it as 엑스오!


While both spellings would result in EXO, the official spelling is 엑소. Upon seeing the mistake, one fan politely pointed it out to Kim Su Ro.

It’s not 엑스오 but 엑소, songsaenim!



When Kai noticed the mistake too, his kindness shone through and replied back cutely!

That’s songsaenim’s charm!

— Kai


Although Kim Su Ro eventually changed the tag to the correct version of EXO’s spelling, Kai’s sweet response to the error has thoroughly made everyone melt.


Meanwhile, fans will get to see even more Kai when Eulachacha Mansuro airs in the within the first half of this year if everything goes according to plan!