Here’s EXO’s Kai And SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s Ultimate Way To Fight Stress

Their “healing time” always makes for a “perfect day.”

Between their busy schedules and keeping up with their members, EXO‘s Kai and SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan aren’t strangers to a bit of stress. Fortunately, they both share a method that’ll make everyone’s worries fade away.

Kai | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

During an ASMR interview with W Korea, Kai was in for a special treat when discovering what he’d be doing. The magazine had prepared one of his favorite hobbies: a Lego set. There were two main reasons why he enjoyed it so much.

The first was pure fun. Kai said, “The reason why I like Lego is that I like to make them, but it’s good for killing time.

The second was how much it freed Kai’s mind. He said, “When I have a lot in my mind, I think it’s great because I don’t think about those when I build Lego.

Kai even described it as “healing time.” He wasn’t the only one who shared that way of thinking, either.

During SEVENTEEN’s appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jeonghan revealed that he’d “been building Legos lately” and shared how enjoyable his new hobby was. He said, “…once I complete one, I feel like it’s a perfect day. I get really proud, and the day is perfect.

In fact, Jeonghan was so into it that Seungkwan said he’d recommended it to the rest of the members as well.

Joshua gave it a try and admitted that it held its own joy. He said, “I tried assembling legos because Jeonghan recommended it, and there is a sense of accomplishment once it’s all assembled.

Whenever you need some “healing time” or a “perfect day,” Jeonghan and Kai have you covered.


Check out Kai and Jeonghan sharing the relaxing way they beat stress and stay cheerful.

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