EXO’s Kai Shares His Wisdom With Talented Trainees In “Under 19”

Their new teacher gave them quite the surprise!

On the latest episode of MBC‘s survival show “Under 19”, a group of trainees were selected to perform EXO‘s “Growl” as their big challenge. While they first attempted the challenging choreography by themselves…


They were soon surprised by a special guest, EXO’s legendary dancer himself!


Both the trainees and Kai seemed to be a little shy meeting each other…


But they soon overcame that shyness and got down to business!


After watching the team’s performance he proved to be a great hyung

“Can I speak comfortably? I remember when I was a trainee, I was always more nervous in front of my teachers and seniors than I was on stage. But you guys did really well and I’m very happy!”

— Kai


And great mentor to the trainees.

“I think it would be good if you showcased some of your unique chemistry. Like maybe with high-fives. I heard you were competing against the ‘Sherlock’ team but this is ‘Growl’, so you have to win!”

— Kai


Kai also directly passed on his years of experience to the lucky trainees to help them prepare for their live performance.


And his moves certainly did have quite the effect!


But it was his final words of encouragement that had the most impact.

“It’s always important to consider whether you do good or not, but your happiness is the most important thing of all. You’re doing this because it makes you happy. The moment you forget that the stage becomes very stressful. No matter the result, I want you to have a performance that you’ll be satisfied with. Don’t forget, I’ll be cheering you on too!”

— Kai


In the end, the trainees did an amazing performance of “Growl” that surely made Kai proud. You can watch their performance here:


And check out his amazing mentoring skills in these two videos as well!