EXO’s Kai Shares How D.O. Reacted To His Pictures From “Peaches” Album

D.O. knows him well.

EXO‘s Kai has made a successful comeback with “Peaches,” even taking the number 1 spot in the iTunes Top Album chart in 60 countries within a day of the album’s release.

During an interview to promote the album, Kai discussed his fellow EXO members a little. When talking about how his members reacted to his new album, he explained that Baekhyun had constructive feedback to give, while D.O. seemed surprised at some of the images from the album.

Kai explained that D.O. is a supportive friend who gives him plenty of encouragement, but that he had texted him recently in surprise over Kai’s look in some of the album’s pictures. There are two different versions of the album, and apparently, D.O. had been looking at the Kisses version when he texted Kai saying, “This is not the Jongin I thought of.”

When Kai sent him the images from the Peaches version, D.O. replied that that was the Kai he knew!

It’s a nice moment because it shows how well the members know each other and how much they continue to support each other over the years. The MC, Kim Shin Young, even commented in the interview, “It’s like you are all family,” and Kai agreed.

Of course, Kai did also poke some fun at Baekhyun…

…but ultimately he says that he definitely prefers performing and promoting alongside his members over doing it alone!

Fans will have to wait a while yet to see all the members of EXO together on stage again, but in the meantime there are solo activities to look forward to by the active members; D.O.’s solo debut album, Empathy, released earlier this year, and now fans have Kai’s Peaches to enjoy!