EXO’s Kai Shook The “Stage K” Winners’ Hands And Their Reaction Was Relatable AF

We definitely would have reacted the same way!

A handshake may seem like a pretty simple thing but when you’re getting hand shaken by none other than your bias, it becomes something very special!


On June 9, EXO appeared on JTBC‘s Stage K where they watched and judged dance cover teams from all over the world. There were plenty of exciting moments and fantastic performances that had fans everywhere celebrating but one moment that really caught everyone’s eye was the legendary handshake from Kai!


The winning team from Japan certainly showed off their amazing skills with their jaw-dropping performance of “Ko Ko Bop”…


As well as their special version of “Growl” in the second round!


When they were ultimately revealed as the winners who got to perform with EXO, their adorable reaction immediately melted hearts!


But things got even better because after they accepted the trophy, Kai gave each of the team members a handshake and their response was beyond relatable!


Besides their immediate reaction to it, they also had a complete fan moment afterward when they freaked out together over the skinship!


Their fellow EXO-Ls are loving their reaction and feeling it hard. Everyone is complete agreement that their reaction is beyond relatable!


There’s absolutely no denying that their reaction was ridiculously relatable. Check out the moment and experience the relatability for yourself at the 2-minute and 33- second mark in the video below: