Kai Spotted Wearing Something Very Special To EXO-Ls And The Whole Fandom Is Celebrating

His wardrobe choice is warming everyone’s heart.

EXO‘s Kai recently made his return to Instagram much to the joy of fans but it wasn’t just his return that put a giant smile on everyone’s face.


It’s been a long time since Kai has uploaded any new pictures to his Instagram page but over the past week, he’s been blessing fans with so many amazing pics. Among some of his most recent photos, Kai can be seen looking incredibly handsome in a yellow t-shirt and red baseball cap.


While the photos are already heart-fluttering, there was something else about them that warmed everyone’s heart. It turns out that what he was wearing was actually gifts from fans!


A fan, @gomgomxing, recently posted that the birthday present they and a few other fans had prepared for Kai were the very same ones that Kai was wearing in the picture!


Many EXO-Ls have been congratulating the lucky fans and expressing how much it means that Kai not only wore the gift but showed it off on Instagram too!


It really is incredibly sweet!