EXO’s Kai Just Stole The Heart Of Filipino Actor Enrique Gil

He’s new to K-Pop, but he couldn’t resist Kai!

With their flawless vocals and rap skills, jaw-dropping visuals, stunning dance moves, and completely loveable personalities, nobody is immune to EXO‘s charms! They’ve stolen the hearts of many over the years, and now they’ve got another fan in Filipino actor, singer, and dancer Enrique Gil!


In an interview with his home network, ABS-CBN, Enrique admitted that although he’s new to K-Pop he has already fallen for EXO! He revealed that his sister and actress Liza Soberano first got him into the group by showing him a video of Kai dancing!

“They showed me a video of Kai dancing. I was surprised by his moves because I like dancing too.”

— Enrique Gil


And from that moment on he was hooked on EXO and had already found a bias in Kai.

“I thought, ‘This Kai guy from EXO is different.’ He’s just crazy when he performs. His facial expressions, his movements, everything! You know?”

— Enrique Gil


Enrique even reportedly busted out the moves to “Love Shot” and “The Eve” during his interview, proving he really is an EXO-L. Many EXO-L have already expressed their happiness over having Enrique join their ranks.


But really, who can resist EXO’s amazing skills and charms!

Source: ABS-CBN