Kai Just Stole The Heart Of Someone Who Isn’t Even Interested In Male Celebrities

Kai has stolen another heart!

There’s something absolutely irresistible about EXO‘s Kai. It could be his heavenly vocal abilities, his oh so deadly dance moves, his sweet and charming personality, or his jaw-dropping visuals, but there’s something about Kai that draws people in even the ones who swear they don’t have any interest in male idols and celebrities!


Kai recently attended the Gucci Zumi launch event and with his flawless style he, of course, stole the show! His stunning style left many fans feeling absolutely blown away and they couldn’t get over just how amazing he looked.


It wasn’t just fans who were captivated by Kai though. He caught a lot of attention from the press, fellow event attendees, and a number of fashion magazine editors. In particular, he caught the eye of Marie Claire‘s editor. Although the editor had said in the past that he didn’t like male celebrities, he couldn’t help liking Kai!

I have been saying that I don’t like male celebrities but let’s say that I do now. Yesterday at #GucciZumi launching party, with flower visuals there was #KAI.

— Marie Claire Editor


This wasn’t the first time that Kai stole the heart of someone who had no interest in male celebrities. Last year, the editor of L’Officiel Hommes also sent some love Kai’s way.

EXO Kai. How many interviews did I have that truly motivate me? That’s what this meeting with Kai was like. I got positively motivated by Kai. His stories were powerful. He is sincere and his values are distinct. He is a thoughtful and a much more beautiful young man than I expected. Although I have never placed much interest in male idols, I want to cheer for Kai in the future (of course, even without my support he is already EXO), but what is certain is that he is an artist I look forward to seeing in the future.

— L’Officiel Hommes Editor

Kai truly is an irresistible person with charms that can make anybody fall in love with him!