EXO’s Kai looked classy AF at Burberry’s recent fashion launch

EXO‘s Kai was at Burberry‘s latest collection launch where he wowed onlookers and paparazzi alike with his classy look.

On March 15, Kai attended the Burberry 2017 S/S London Collection Event and audiences could not take their eyes off of him. Kai wore a white wingtip collared shirt with pleated, black pants and carried one of Burberry’s dark green briefcases.

Kai walked around at the fashion event as he smiled and waved at fans, showing off his charming and charismatic presence wherever he went.

Check out Kai’s handsome photos from the Burberry event below:

Kai smiled at fans as he walked to the event in his elegant outfit.

Kai looked like a model stepping out of a fashion magazine.

Kai posed for the press with a charismatic look on his face.

Kai’s statuesque presence and serious gaze captivated everyone at the event.

Kai’s Burberry outfit perfectly complemented his elegance.

Kai was as classy as ever at this Burberry event.

Kai’s statement briefcase gave him that extra swagger that made the outfit really shine.