EXO’s Kai Sent Suho A Happy Birthday Message In A Very Unexpected Way

Kai surprised everyone with an extra happy birthday message to his leader:

A few days before EXO Suho‘s birthday, Kai gave him a birthday surprise in a very unexpected way!


On May 18, Kai went live on Instagram with his friend HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo. During the live, fans got to see the two friends hanging out together before they made a stop at one of their favorite bubble tea shops! It turns out this particular shop had a special surprise. The shop had special birthday support cup sleeves for none other than EXO’s fearless leader!


So when Kai and Timoteo went there and grabbed a cup of something delicious themselves…


They ended up with their very own Suho birthday items which they happily showed off to all their fans!


With that single gesture, Kai showed just how much he cares about his hyung!