EXO Kai’s Young Doppelganger Taeoh Recently Showed Just How Much He Misses Kai

Taeoh misses his hyung!

Throughout the years, fans have not only been blown away with EXO Kai‘s skills onstage but also how amazing he is with kids! They’ve seen just what a doting uncle he is to his niece and nephew and everyone’s hearts melted when he appeared on The Return of Superman.


And of course, who could forget his interactions with his baby doppelganger Taeoh on Oh My Baby! Their sweet interactions were almost too cute to handle!


Now, Taeoh is all grown up and becoming a very fine young man while traveling the world with his family! But he recently reminded everyone of his time with Kai and now fans want the two to meet up again!


A few days ago, Kai posted a series of photos out with his niece. While everyone was already melting over Kai being the sweet uncle that he is…


EXO-Ls soon noticed that under one of the posts, Taeoh’s family official Instagram left a comment under one of them. The comment showed just how much Taeoh was missing Kai!


To make it even sweeter, Kai saw the message and responded back!

Hul! What’s this? This hyung will go visit him soon then!

— Kai


Now we just need to prepare our hearts for their next interaction!