EXO’s Kai Talks About His Role In Friend Group, The Padding Friends

We love friendships!

EXO‘s Kai recently made a guest appearance on Radio Star together with his members.

He gladly talked about his famous dance liner friendship group, “The Padding Friends.” “The Padding Friends” consists of members Kai, SHINee‘s TaeminBTS‘s JiminHa SungwoonVIXX‘s Ravi, and Timoteo.

Kai’s humor was recognized in the broadcast of the episode, where he made lots of funny remarks.

He also mentions that he is best friends with Taemin and Jimin.

Kai adds that among that friendship group, he is in charge of making them laugh and lightening up the mood.

Many fans have known Kai, Taemin, and Jimin to be close friends and be part of the friendship group, “The Padding Friends.” The three of them have been friends for a long time and their friendship is well known among K-Pop fans.

They group came together through meeting each other from common friends.

Fans of their friendship gave them the group name “Padding Friends” so Taemin bought them matching padding coats to solidify their friendship further!

Source: 10 Asia