EXO-Ls Are Saying Goodbye To Kai’s Sexy Sheer Shirt After It Got Torn During Their Concert

Kai’s magic hands struck again:

EXO recently gave a stunning night of intense and flawless performances, high-energy interactions, and fun ments at their EXplOration concert in Yokahama. Unfortunately for Kai, however, he had an interesting his experience when his “magic hands” made an appearance and he somehow tore his sexy sheer shirt!


After EXO gave a stunning performance of “Damage”, Kai suddenly disappeared from the stage and while fans didn’t know why at the time, they soon found out!


As EXO gathered on stage to talk to fans, Kai reappeared wearing a completely different shirt and gave an apology to EXO-L for disappearing. But it was the reason for his disappearance that really snagged everyone’s attention. Kai explained that he had had to go change because he completely ripped his shirt down the seam under his arm!


Sure enough, detective fans went back to his “Damage” performance and spotted the giant hole that had appeared under his arm!


With the red shirt biting the dust, EXO-Ls have been experiencing a number of different emotions. On the one hand, they simply can’t help cracking up over the fact that Kai’s magic hands struck once again and left him with yet another unique wardrobe malfunction in Japan.


And on the other, they can’t get over how cute Kai was when he shared his shirt problems with his members and EXO-L!


As for the sexy red sheer shirt itself, fans are sad to see it go as it was a fan favorite among Kai’s heart-fluttering EXplOration styles, but they know that no matter what Kai wears he’ll look absolutely stunning!