“Under 19” Just Revealed When EXO’s Kai Will Be Making An Appearance

Kai is about to pass on his knowledge!

The time has finally come! EXO‘s Kai is finally going to be making his appearance as a mentor on Under 19! Last week, MBC announced that Kai was going to be a mentor on the show and everybody was ecstatic. Due to their mysteriousness about the situation, however, no one knew exactly when Kai would be on the show!

EXO’s Kai Is Rumored To Be A Mentor On The Next Episode Of “Under 19”


But now the mystery has been solved! The latest episode ended by revealing the current rankings of the contestants and included a preview for next week’s episode that shows Kai getting into his role as a mentor!

The preview shows Kai patiently teaching the boys the choreography to “Growl”…


And cheering them on!

“Let’s have a strong will in our hearts and become great singers!”

— Kai

The next episode with Kai is set to air on January 12! And to satisfy you until then, check out the full preview below!