Everyone Is Saying “Thank You Kai” After Seeing The Photo He Took Of VIXX’s Ravi

Thank you, Kai!

EXO-Ls have seen EXO Kai‘s photography skills on his own Instagram page but now Starlights have gotten a glimpse at them too and everyone can’t stop thanking him!


The famous padding squad has been spotted in the Philippines but fans have respected their vacation and waited for any of the members of the friendship group to upload their own photos of the vacation and their patience has been rewarded in more ways than one!


On April 25, VIXX‘s Ravi blessed everyone with photos of his vacation with Kai, Ha Sungwoon, HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo, and SHINee‘s Taemin.


While each of the posts has been melting fans’ hearts…


There is one photo in particular that has caught a lot of attention. The photo in question shows Ravi taking a quick rinse and perfectly shows off his toned physique.


And this photo comes courtesy of Kai!


Everyone has been going crazy over the photo and it’s very easy to see why!

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