Here’s What EXO’s Kai And VIXX’s Ravi Really Think About Plastic Surgery

It is a controversial topic!

When it comes to the topic of plastic surgery in both Korean culture and K-Pop, it can sometimes be a controversial and touchy subject. Due to the strict and immense pressure for idols to look perfect, it is common knowledge that some get plastic surgery. Although some have been less open about it, others have been honest about the work they’ve done.

Although not mentioned, Kwanghee has been honest about having work done | @prince_kwanghee/ Instagram       

Recently, EXO‘s Kai appeared in a video with VIXX‘s Ravi, where they sat down and answered problems sent in from fans.

In particular, one viewer sent in a message saying that they had plastic surgery in middle school. Yet, after moving to another school, one of her new friends found out and told everyone about it, even though they had told them not to.

Ravi explained that school is meant to be a place for people to bloom and grow, but this can be very tough when rumors start going around and it impacts your daily life.

Yet, it was Kai’s response that had fans talking. Although many idols tend to shy away from the topic, Kai was very direct and sympathetic towards the girl, adding, “Is plastic surgery a sin?”

The EXO idol then went on to share words of kindness towards the fan. In particular, many praised him for the genuine words and thought that went into his reply.

It’s not a sin, and you do it for self-satisfaction. I don’t understand why people gossip about it, and I wonder why they would even waste their energy on that.

— EXO’s Kai

Ravi also had kind words for the viewer, telling them that, despite the tough words, their reaction to the rumors should be based on the best thing for them in the long run.

As long as you can stay at school without your self-esteem and energy dropping too much, just say, ‘Yes I did,’ or ‘No, it’s not true,’ and keep pushing it.

— VIXX’s Ravi

When the video was shared, fans in the comments couldn’t stop praising the two idols’ approach to a very sensitive topic.

When it comes to being a K-Pop idol, there can be limitations put on idols to express their true feelings in fear of it impacting their careers. Yet, as Kai and Ravi are veteran idols, they now have more freedom to voice their thoughts, and, like this instance, it can help many people.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Ravi