EXO’s Kai Was Seen Wearing A Couple’s Item…But Not With Jennie

Jennie was probably shocked to see the photos.

EXO‘s Kai is dating BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, but not too long ago fans spotted Kai wearing a matching couple’s item with another idol! Well, two other idols to be exact!


Fans know that Kai, SHINee‘s Taemin, and Ha Sungwoon are extremely close. They’ve often spotted them together at music shows…


And just out on the town!


They always love to see their interactions and, although fans are waiting to see Kai and Jennie sporting matching accessories, they were quite happy to recently see these three besties sporting matching beanies! Ha Sungwoon’s was black…


Taemin’s was green…


And Kai’s was gray!


This isn’t the first time that the friends have been caught wearing the same thing, however. Taemin once revealed that his all his close friends including Kai, Sungwoon, BTS‘s Jimin, and HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo had gotten matching parkas with a logo they had designed themselves.


It just goes to show how close these friends truly are! Jennie must be so happy seeing Kai have such good friends!

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