EXO’s Choreographer, Kasper, Is So Handsome He Could Be A Member

Meet EXO’s choreographer, Kasper.

Meet Kasper, (real name Kim Tae Woo), the choreographer for many SM artists, including EXO.


He’s been the mastermind behind EXO’s hit dances like “Call Me Baby”…


“Ko Ko Bop”…


And even Lay’s “What U Need”.


He’s not only gaining attention for his impeccable dance skills, but for his idol like good looks as well!


He knows how to pose nonchalantly like an idol.


And even takes adorable selfies with cute filters.


You can currently spot him dancing on stage with idols like Taemin,


Or taking selfies with Baekhyun and Chanyeol.


With more than 1M followers on Instagram, Kasper basically has idol status!